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Our uncommon approach to leadership development combines the credibility of hands-on global executive experience with the content of cutting-edge empirical research, delivered in a compelling manner.

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At Resolut Consulting, we understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach leadership development. Therefore, we developed our 4D Methodology - decipher, design, deliver and debrief - to allow us create relevant, impactful and easy-to-implement leadership development strategies for organizations across the world.

Stage 1

We ask questions and listen to learn pertinent information about your organization, strategy, structure and what makes it unique, such as culture, pain points, and aspirations.

Stage 2

With the insight we will have into your organization, our team will conceptualize and craft a customized solution that best meets your unique requirements and capable of delivering tangible results.

Stage 3

Assisted by our seasoned leadership experts and associates that combine deep industry experience with the latest empirical research, we will deliver and execute your organization’s customized leadership development plan.

Stage 4

Once implemented, we will measure and review the results of your leadership development plan to further optimize its effectiveness and potentials.

The Pragmatic Optimist: Leading when everything is on the line

The current Industry 4.0 exposes organizations to newer, more frequent and more intense crises – A manager that cannot lead in a crisis cannot lead. Period.

At Resolut Consulting, we understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach leadership development. So, we have designed an innovative four-stage methodology that allows us to create unique and easy-to-implement development strategies for organizations across the world.

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"I benefited from Daniel’s leadership coaching genius and I continue to channel the teaching and insights I gained almost daily. Daniel’s thoughtful approach to executive coaching is steeped in decades of academic rigour, scouring through the leadership literature and global breadth of his experience. He is thorough and his words are gold; he uses them wisely and deliberately."

Dr. Bode Akintan, MD, FRCPC, MBA
Medical Director & Associate Professor
McMaster Children’s Hospital

"Daniel's extensive career and experiences, coupled with his thought leadership and research, allow him to share highly engaging insights around leadership success and managing through crises. His ability to clearly articulate his findings while bringing in anecdotes from his professional experiences make Daniel a captivating speaker."

Graeme Saunders, OLY
(2016 Olympic Athlete – Team Canada)
Commercial Account Manager
RBC Royal Bank of Canada

"Daniel is such an amazing charismatic leader, speaker, and facilitator. I had the opportunity to hear him speak and share his views on leadership during my MBA at Queen’s. His presentation and facilitation skills are second to none. He impressively kept my full attention for the entire session and I would highly recommend Daniel for all leadership and consulting work."

Amandeep Barhok
Portfolio Manager

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Daniel’s leadership presentation as part of a Queen’s MBA class. Daniel’s wealth of knowledge, extensive research, and energy, allow him to deliver a captivating, authentic, and informative presentation on the ever-changing leadership landscape. I highly recommend Daniel’s leadership lectures and look forward to his upcoming book."

Robert Silvestri
Business Unit Leader
FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

"Daniel's unique and deep insight on strategic leadership. Daniel is a very inspiring speaker, and I would recommend him to any group seeking a new and grounded perspective on strategic leadership."

Eric Agyemang, CITP
Account Manager, National Sales Group
Export Development Canada

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