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Resolut Management Consulting Inc.
2275 Upper Middle Road East
Suite 101
Oakville, Ontario L6H 0C3
+1 (905) 491 6869

"I was fortunate enough to sit through Daniel's presentation. Daniel is an extremely well-versed and talented public speaker who had tremendous passion and knowledge about the leadership topic he was speaking on. I would recommend Daniel to anyone or any organization looking to bring in a professional thought-leader advocate."

Sami Kabir
Investment Banker
IJW & Co.

"I was fortunate to hear Daniel speak. His views on leadership during times of crisis were both refreshing and informative. I would recommend jumping at the opportunity to chat with Daniel and pick his brain on leadership."

Alister Lui
Business Analyst
White Clarke Group

Resolut provides forward-thinking leadership development strategies for forward-thinking businesses. Whether you’re dealing with existing issues or safeguarding for the future, Resolut has the extensive experience needed to cement the quintessential leadership traits into your executives, managers, high-risers, and teams.