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Welcome to our “leadership cookbook”. Discover an insight into how Resolut is at the forefront of what’s possible with leadership development thanks to the research of industry-leading experts and Daniel Monehin.

“A cookbook must have recipes, but it shouldn't be a blueprint. It should be more inspirational; it should be a guide.”
- Thomas Keller (1955-)

"Daniel possesses a wealth of knowledge in leadership exemplified by his successful career in the corporate realm. I found Daniel’s content relatable and engaging allowing me to review my leadership style through a critical lens and challenge myself to improve based on his teaching principles. If you are looking for leadership training or consulting, I would highly recommend Daniel!"

Jayden Falola
Marketing Manager | Brand Development and Marketing Strategy
Hudson Bay Company

"Daniel's academic background, career achievement and leadership philosophy captivated me and the whole class. His wisdom has enlightened me and pointed a direction in my future career."

Yinhao Wu, CPA, CMA
Senior Finance Professional
Healthy Body Services

"I attended Daniel's Leadership presentation and it was great. He's so engaging and his rhetoric about the 4 leadership styles was a fresh look at understanding these different categories. I am looking forward to reading his book on leading during crisis. Thanks Daniel."

Michel Khawam
Finance Manager
Johnson & Johnson

"His whole presentation was informative, fun, engaging, and inspirational. Daniel is truly a charismatic leader with outstanding leadership and management skills. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn more about leadership to have a chat with Daniel."

Armstrong Guo
Terre Rouge Hospitality Group

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