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High quality leadership defines the businesses of the future - this is how we can help

Our core services and methods of delivery complement one another, allowing us to deliver a finely-tuned leadership model for your organization.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”
– Michelangelo (1475-1564)

Keynote & Conference Speaking

After establishing your organization’s aspirations, opportunities and focus areas, we will create a bespoke keynote to empower attendees with invaluable and memorable leadership skills at the team meetings, off-sites, retreats, etc. Additionally, this can be accompanied by a workshop to help further energize your employees and solidify their new knowledge.

Leadership Training & Workshops

Whether it be executives, middle management, or up-and-coming stars in your organization, our engaging and result-oriented leadership training will enable your organization to do more, learn more and achieve more. Through a carefully designed training model, we will impart the valuable leadership skills needed for your top performers to handle challenging situations decisively and calm moments prudently.


At Resolut, we firmly believe that every organization has the potential to rise to new heights, regardless of existing successes or failures. With the help of our advisory team, we’ll delve deep into the inner workings of your organization, highlighting areas that can be optimized in order to better facilitate the attainment of short and long-term goals.

"Daniel has a unique way to deliver a presentation and engage with his audience. It was a pleasure to hear your views on leadership - very interesting session, thank you!"

Elsa Dion
Business Process
Export Development Canada

"Daniel was able to capture the attention of the audience with his insights, humour and fresh global perspective on leadership that he has developed over his impressive career. He has a strong ability to build personal connections with his audience both during and after the lecture, and ensure his content is highly relevant to those in the room.

I'm looking forward to reading Daniel's upcoming book and would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is looking to broaden their knowledge in this field."

Justin Hummel
Marketing Manager, Member Engagement

"Daniel’s charismatic presence and powerful delivery skills allow him to connect with his audience. Daniel shared thought provoking insights around crisis leadership built on his extensive professional experience and academic research. I find that the best public speakers are the ones that are able to form a compelling narrative through use of evidence and emotion. I firmly believe that Daniel fits this category and would strongly advocate him as a speaker for sessions on leadership."

Karen Brar
Senior Business Analyst

"Daniel is a very strong speaker. I have learnt a great deal from the story he shared with us. His perspective on leadership really inspired me. I enjoyed the utilization of lessons learnt in Daniel’s career to reinforce challenges on the leadership journey and the path to navigating them."

Maria Tinajero
Account Manager
Orange National Retail Group Inc.

"He is definitely one of the best speakers we had. Daniel shared the secrets of his success. He tailored his key takeaways to the audience. His message was valuable and his humor kept the audience’s attention in the whole presentation. I would highly recommend Daniel's lectures and look forward to his upcoming book."

Lynn Cheng
Finance Professional
Canadian Western Bank

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